Sumire 2072
Character Statistics
Name Sumire
Gender Female
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Green
Race Youkai
Debut Utopia
Status Alive

Personality & BackgroundEdit

Sumire (スミレ) is the seventh ranked youkai, also known as "Sumire of the Dusk". She has short blonde hair in a bow and green eyes. She is cruel and in "Welcome to The Mirror World", it shows that She is nice along with Higanbana. She is the main antagonist of "Utopia", where she disguises herself as a transfer student named Reiko. At the end of Utopia, She was going to devour Yukari until Marie saves her. When the students were at the bus, Sumire makes fun of Yukari when the students were going to do cruel things to her. Higanbana makes the bus fall. Then Sumire is angry at her. This proves that She hates Higanbana.



Higanbana No Saku Yoru Ni - Dai Ichi Ya

  • Utopia

Higanbana No Saku Yoru Ni - Dai-ni Yoru

  • The Lunar Festival
  • Welcome to the Mirror World
  • A Thistle of Vengeance

Trivia Edit

  • Sumire's name literally means "Violet".
  • It is revealed in "The Lunar Festival" that Sumire and Azami are sister but despite not having the same eye color.
  • Her kimono looks exactly like Kasumi Sumadera from Umineko no Naku Koro ni, except that Kasumi's is a pale purple and Sumire's has more decreation.

Quotes Edit

  • "Next chance I get, I'll be the one stealing your prey... ...I shall remember this." - Utopia
  • "Heh, fufufuhihihihahaha...!! I still bear a grudge for what she did to me last time! That damnable Higanbana. I still haven't forgiven her for stealing away all my cute little flowers I raised to be bullies! ...But Higanbana's fierceness is nothing to bat an eye at. Getting my revenge on her may be difficult."  - A Thistle of Vengeance
  • "It's not Higanbana that i can't forgive, it's that Yukari Sakaki. How dare she spout those pretentious words to me about how bullying is wrong...! A mere human made a mockery of me!"  - A Thistle of Vengeance
  • "Come Yukari...! Show us how you intend to stand up to the bullying caused by the sisters Azami and Sumire. Ufufufu, hihihihahahahaha!!"  - A Thistle of Vengeance
  • "We hunt down on souls and eat them. Humans are the same way, using bullying to hunt souls and feed on them."  - A Thistle of Vengeance