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Mesomeso-san (めそめそさん Mesomeso-san?) is the first chapter of Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni: Dai-ichi Yoru (彼岸花の咲く夜に 第一夜?). Here in this chapter, Marie Moriya, the protagonist is introduced. The chapter itself focuses on Marie's struggles in school and her problems with her homeroom teacher, Kanamori-sensei.


A man exits a bathroom stall and leaves a lone girl behind him.

As for the girl's appearance... if described with a word -- it was strange.

She wore socks and indoor slippers.

If we suppose this is a school, then there's nothing strange about that.

On her back she was wearing a red backpack.

If we suppose this is a school, then there's nothing strange about that.

And she was wearing a bra and panties.

There was nothing strange about the girl wearing underwear in itself.

However, for there to be a girl in her underwear in a bathroom stall -- that was strange.

For her to wear her backpack while in her underwear -- that was strange.

And for a girl and a man to be alone in a bathroom stall -- that was strange.

Even if we imagined what kind of unseemly things could have happened here,

they couldn't have been described as anything but strange.

As the echoes of the man's footsteps began to fade away,

the girl remembered she was helplessly forgotten -- alone in the former school building.

As she sank to the floor, she began to shed her tears while sobbing, *mesomeso*.


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