Izanami (イザナミ) is the second ranked youkai, also known as the "Shinigami of the 13 Stairs". If a human steps on the 13th stair, he forces them into playing a game of tag each day, where if the human ever stops running, they are dumped straight into hell. Granted, if the human can last 49 days of this, they will be free but...

Personality & BackgroundEdit

Izanami has olive green and white stripped hair with red eyes.



higanbana no saku yoru ni - dai ichi ya

  • The Thirteenth Step's Shinigami
  • The Lunar Festival
  • When the Spider Liles Bloom


  • "Welcome to my world!" - Reaper of the Thirteenth Step
  • "I'll chase you and I'll kill you." - Reaper of the Thirteenth Step
  • "If you don't want to die, then try running away with all your might." - Reaper of the Thirteenth Step
  • "On you go, now run, RUN!!" - Reaper of the Thirteenth Step
  • " I wonder just how far and how long you can run...?!" - Reaper of the Thirteenth Step

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