The fourth ranked youkai, also known as "Azami the Vengeful".

Personality & BackgroundEdit

Dressed up in a highly elegant Furisodo Kimono, using her honey words towards bullied children, makes her appear somewhat like a goddess for fortune to them. Appearing a calm and wise lady, Sumire's jestering ways break through her facade showing that she's easily tempered. However, she does have a sense of humor and hates losing.



Acts like a bigger sister to Sumire, and Sumire truly looks up to her. However they aren't truly blood related but merely born at the same time. Sumire and Azami don't hold back when in jest.Edit


'higanbana no saku yoru ni - Dai-ni Yoru'

  • The Lunar Festival
  • A Thistle of Vengeance
  • Before the Spider Lilies Bloom

Trivia Edit

  • Azami's name literally means "thistle".


  • "A pitiful child who was always bullied.... suddenly becomes a new person after changing classes or coming back from summer break, and is born anew as a bully themself. ...That is the revenge-granting power of a magical azami. A magical thistle." - A Thistle of Vengeance

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