Aya Souma

She is the main protagonist of "The Thirteenth Step's Shinigami". Aya is a girl who lost the will to live, but continued to do so because she didn't want anything other than a peaceful, sleep-like death. After hearing the rumors of the 13 steps, she tests it out and accidentally steps on the 13th step, forcing her to participate in Izanami's game.

Personality & BackgroundEdit

Aya shows herself to be an overthinking and depressed. Later on in the story - allowing her overthinking tendecies to vanish or nor, at least, bury her in unhappiness - she becomes an energetic girl with a love for danger.

From a nobody to school famous, when regarding sports.

It appears she has no real idea that her gym teacher is the demon she beat, however, she pins on him.



higanbana no saku yoru ni - dai ichi ya

  • The Thirteenth Step's Shinigami



  • She's the second person - ever - to have discover the loophole in Izanami's tag game.
  • She's the only visual character asking Michiru for help.
  • Aya is originally a supernatural skeptic
  • She's one of the few characters to not suffer from bullying nor exclusion

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